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How To Disable Google Assistant On Android Phone

In modern period every single person has the smart phones. There are more number of Android smartphone user as compared to other operating system users like apple ,Microsoft, BlackBerry.

Google assistant is available on all the modern smartphones like Android devices. Many of the users love this but some of them does not like this at all. If you are a Android smartphone user and you want to disable the Google Assistant in your Android smartphone device. You can turn off or disable the Google Assistant completely . Most of the user have complained that when the press the home button for long, it used to open or launch the Google Now but now it has been changed with the Google Assistant. If you seriously want to disable The tantrum of the application you have to just follow some instructions and later you will be able to disable the Google assistant on your Android smartphone devices.

Step 1 –

The User can use the feature of Google Assistant ”What’s’ On Your Screen”

If you as not used or you have missed the long press from which the Google Now contact has been displayed for your help but now this feature has taken by Google Assistant inbuilt feature.

This feature allows the user to navigate the screen from where you had normally uses of the Google now . You just have to long press the home button when you do this.

It will show you the Google Assistant then you can say or you have to say “what’s on my screen” so you can just simply press the button in the end of the page.

If there is an option of it then you have to tap on the functional there right of the Google Assistant then you will able to get welcome in.

Step 2 –

The User Can Even Set The Custom Shortcut In Google App

It has some options to use both of them to get the best of the world for the Android smartphone devices. But before starting this you have to make clear to use very important day that Google Now is no it does not even exist in the Android Smartphones

Now the place of the Google Now has been taken by the Google app all the intense and the purpose is just the same thing but more improved from the Google Android devices by providing some more functions which if you are looking for both the options like Google now and Google Assistant in one place it is not possible but it can be possible by adding the customise button in your home screen or you need to do is to launch download the Nova Launcher in your Android smartphone

After downloading the Nova Launcher you have to follow steps which are as follows –

  • You have to download the Nova Launcher from Google Play Store
  • When you will type of press the home button it will ask you to send this launcher as your default launcher
  • You can even jump into the settings of the Nova Launcher but the entry should be in the app drawer.
  • Screen down in the settings and choose gestures and inputs
  • Then in the button actions to the home button and then select Google Now in that

Then all you have to do is you have to long press the home button and it will still launch the Google Assistant but if you will press button for long time it will automatically launch in Google application.

But still you don’t want to use the Google assistant you can still can get rid of the Google assistant. You can turn it off as you want and this will help you to disable all the system function which was becoming a part of the Android smartphone devices.

You have to long press the home button to launch the Google assistant then I’m looking little drawer Icon in the corner of the right stuff and it will bring you up to the main screen of assistant then you have to go to the settings then you have to go to the I will say which phone you are using you can choose your device and can simply turn it off by just getting on it if you again want to start button on this Google assistant is very simple you just have to follow the same steps and you can as you have turned it off you can turn it on it is simple to use.


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