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Best Bixby Voice Command You Must Try

If you are Samsung Galaxy s8 or s8 plus user from the US career you will be able to update this phone now features of voice which can be baby compared to some of the other assistant out in the market but this application can do better in this Samsung smartphones there are thousands of commands you can use with your voice for doing many task.

The bixby voice helps the user a bit more as it even give the option to the user for scrolling up and down on the web pages.

You can just come on the bixby and which we can do anything possible on the smart phone and it has a much good chances of the work as well this idea is completely hands free for the Android Smartphones Samsung users.

The commands can be used as:-

  • Open Facebook
  • Stop music
  • Turn on the Flashlight
  • What is the time what is the date today please restart my phone turn on the emergency mode
  • what is the UV index in Delhi tomorrow
  • what is the weather in the London tomorrow
  • will it rain today how is the weather going to be tomorrow remind me to buy milk tomorrow at 10 o’clock
  • Show me the most recent calendar reminder
  • please delete the shopping reminders
  • please play the next music
  • please play the music
  • what is the name of this song

You can even ask the questions from the bixby voice command as:-

  • How far is Earth from the Sun
  • what is Doodle and what are its definition
  • what is 10 into 5
  • how many feets are there in a mile
  • When is sunrise and sunset in Paris
  • when is Thanksgiving
  • how many calories in a Bagel
  • how long is cheaters tell
  • who was the first man to land on the moon
  • how to make the cheese cakes at home
  • who was the first president of India


Bixby voice also had the mind blowing integration of applications on by the sensing so we have the list of things which you can use with bixby and the applications of Samsung

You can Open The Gallery and then..

  • Find the pictures which were taken in Shimla
  • share this picture on Facebook and delete this picture from everywhere
  • show me my Manali pictures
  • play the most recent videos
  • show me the detail of the recent picture
  • copy the pictures taken at Diwali to a new album
  • delete the Shimla pictures
  • delete this location information from the recent pictures
  • add this picture from camera roll to Manali album
  • auto adjust the photo show me the pictures as a slideshow

You can Open The Contact and then..

  • Call mummy text papa
  • show Mummy contact information to profile updates for papa
  • show my friend group make my birthday shared
  • link mummy to papa link papa to favorites
  • send a message to everyone in friends
  • turn on the synchronisation for the Google account
  • search for mummy and call her on speakerphone
  • create a new contact with papa with the number 9896

You can open the phone app and then..

Do your desired work which you want to do with the phone app such as you can turn on vibrate when call ends if you want to,you can make a call,open the keypad and many more.

You can open Settings and then..

Do your desired work which you want to do with the Settings option such as turning on wifi,turning on bluetooth,go to dual audio settings and so on.

You can open Messages and then..

Block anyone’s annoying message,send messages to anyone after voice command typing using this app and so forth.

You can open the Camera and then..

Take a picture,record a video,turn on front camera and so on.

You can open Clock and then..

Set an alarm,turn off an alarm,open the stopwatch and so forth.

You can open Calendar and then..

Create any event,turn on its notifications and many more.

All the above mentioned tasks can be done by you without typing or clicking anything on your phone just by the voice command which you can give with the help of BIXBY VOICE COMMANDS.

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